Julian Richen Linux Enthusiast, Web Developer & Designer


About Me

I'm a student currently working towards a B.A in Information Technology to one day become a System Administrator with a focus on Linux and Linux Security. I fuel this goal by immersing myself in I.T by building computers, coding web sites & web applications, studying for various exams & volunteering as a mentor for the CyberPatriot program at Winter Springs HS. I am a very goal oriented person and bilingual, speaking both French and English.



A full redesign of the GamingOnLinux.com site, the largest gaming news site for Linux.

Orlando Kayak Fishing Club / Community

Long term (10+ years) web admin, managing the OKFC community back-end, creating specialized pages for events and anything else web related.


University of Central Florida

Finishing the last half of my B.A in Information Technology specializing in Server Managament and Linux.

Seminole State College

Two years of GEDs towards a B.A in Information Technology to become a System Administrator.

CompTIA A+ Certification

Completed my I.T certification known as A+ by CompTIA while in highschool.

Working On

When I'm not going to school I'm working toward learning new skills. In the recent months I have been preparing for my Red Hat certification and independently taking classes to earn my CCNA, I already passed two of the four classes.

I mentor at Winter Springs High School for the Cyber Patriot team teaching CCNA/Cisco skills and Linux, something I have done for 3 years. I also enjoy helping those interested in web development over at CodeCourse.com by refining their skills and explaining concepts about web development and server management.


Create a LEMP Stack on Debian/Ubuntu + Security Tweaks

Apr 09 2015

Setup a robust and powerful LEMP server tweaked for security.

Creating Ajax calls with JavaScript

Dec 06 2013

A quick guide to create a simple ajax call in JavaScript. As well as an example of a fluent interfaces object.

PHP - The Wonderful World of XML Parsers

Aug 07 2013

Basic background, understanding, misconceptions & usage of XML parsers in PHP

PHP - The Gates of Regex

May 25 2013

A quick guide to get you started in the perplexing world of regex

PHP - How to safely store your passwords

May 22 2012

Basic background, understanding, misconceptions & solutions to storing sensitive data in PHP


So you want to talk?

Feel free to contact me anytime and anyway you wish, I do prefer email.